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How can you transform your company into a successful strategic organization? With the support of our Business Insights experts, you will gain clear insights into the cost and profitability of your products, services and customers. That way, you can make informed decisions and perform the correct strategic actions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is our differentiator by combining the best of the academic world and its developments with best practices and experiences from 'the field'.

Our teams are considered the best in the field of business performance. Our passion, drive for results, pragmatic approach and expert skills have given our organization the recognition as a 'trusted advisor', delivering high quality and sustainable results at an accelerated pace.



Smoothly running, automated finance tools and processes, integrated with forecasts and budgets makes everything easier, from closing to consolidating to reporting. Delaware Consulting has proven its value as the trusted advisor to many finance offices. We make sure that your financial processes run in the most effective and error-free way possible.




Too many businesses can be overwhelmed by massive, self-developed Excel spreadsheets that seem to grow on their own as update requests flood in. Sound familiar? Delaware Consulting beats back the spreadsheet beast and helps companies find the core meaning of their data. We ensure that our clients have an easily accessible, up-to-date and integrated view of their business intelligence.


Business Controlling

The best decisions are based on reliable information. With our globally recognized expertise in controlling concepts and systems, Delaware helps you discover those specific insights that will improve your decision making, advancing your bottom-line profitability.


Strategy & Transformation

We help our clients to think about their organization in new ways. Not just their future, but their market, their competitors, their capabilities, and their processes. Working side by side, Delaware and you co-create a strong and sustainable strategy. Together, we create value for your stakeholders, transforming your business into the best organization that it can be.


Over years of testing and examination, we have confirmed a list of Preferred Partners in Business Software, based on the qualities that matter to our clients, such as flexibility, scalability, and vision. That software, combined with our longstanding expertise, will help your company thrive, both today and tomorrow.

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Delaware Consulting implements the full SAP solution portfolio, customized to the needs of both SMEs and large enterprises. We are your genuine, long-term partner, ensuring that the hardware and software continue to fulfill your needs, even many years after you’ve gone live with our recommendations.
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As an exclusive member of Microsoft’s Dynamics President’s Club, Delaware Consulting is eminently qualified to help you implement Microsoft’s broad spectrum of solutions in Business Productivity and Business Applications. We are your preferred partner for complex projects characterized by business transformation and change management.

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Delaware Consulting is a global partner for Acorn Performance Suite, including Performance Analyzer, Cost Analyzer, and Supply Chain Analyzer. Through this partnership, we provide you with profitability and cost management software and services, helping you achieve better business decisions.


Helping your business anticipate and optimize business opportunities is the advantage of SAS. At Delaware Consulting, we use advanced visualizations and predictive analytics that turn your data about customers, performance, and financials into meaningful information.

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Tableau Software is a breakthrough self-service BI-provider.

Delaware implements Tableau’s breakthrough products to change the way people use data.


Bluepath harnesses the power of iBeacon-powered indoor positioning and navigation services to create dynamic user experiences and streamline operational processes. Delaware Consulting is using Bluepath technology on SAP and Microsoft platforms to connect users and companies in realtime across any device providing location based services.

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Have a look at some of our business cases. We continue to update them as frequently as we can to give you the best idea possible of what Business Insights can do for your company.
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Creating real-time performance reporting on a worldwide scale

Quiksilver had been rolling out SAP AFS (Apparel  and  Footwear Solutions) on a worldwide scale and was not convinced about the reporting capabilities delivered in both SAP R/3 and  SAP BW. Their reporting needs were vast and complex because of high data volumes and both a global BI development team & user base.

Delaware implemented a global Business Intelligence system (combining MS SQL Server BI and SAP BusinessObjects) on top of the AFS-solution to tackle the requirements on performance and regional availability. This solution provided Quiksilver with a high-performance BI environment that was able to produce real-time reports on Sales, Finance, Purchasing and HR across the world.

Giving customers inside information

TCR Group rents out GSE (Ground Support Equipment for Aviation) multiple  airports,  while  still  being  responsible  for  the  equipment maintenance and availability for their customers. Within TCR Group, a critical need was raised to follow-up on the equipment availability more closely and to allow their customers to follow up on their own equipment as well.

Whereas TCR service used to have no real view on the urgency of their work orders, Delaware implemented a solid new reporting systems based on Microsoft technology. This solution allowed TCR to follow-up on the equipment SLA of  their  customers,  helping them  to  make  the right decisions in prioritizing work orders. On top, TCR customers can follow-up on the same data through the availability of the same dashboards in the existing customer portals.

Reducing the cost-to-serve through streamlining the distribution activities.

Like many other companies, Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium (CCEB) was confronted with an increasing cost-to-serve (CTS) due to a changing customer landscape. This created a challenge to which CCEB  needed  to  formulate decisive answers to stay on track towards achieving their growth path and their company objectives.

By implementing Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing, Delaware analyzed the organization, its revenues  &  costs  and  its  processes down to the most detailed level of information. CCEB obtained the right information which enabled  them to harmonize and streamline the  processes of their different distribution centers. This resulted in a successful reduction of their cost-to-serve while still being in line with the new corporate sales & marketing strategy.

Creating cost-to-serve insights in the dynamic and complex environment of bancassurance.

KBC was an experienced user of Activity-Based Costing, unfortunately, this also included the disadvantages... This was translated in their request for insights in cost-to-serve, cost-of-complexity and the cost-of-capacity.

Based on our extensive experience in Banking & Insurance, Delaware implemented a Time-Driven ABC solution making it possible for KBC to map transactions in its complex and dynamic environment. KBC now has the necessary concepts,  systems  and  insights  that will  enable them to  provide  more accurate information to the business units regarding automation opportunities, cost-to-serve insights and capacity optimizations.

Introducing chargeback to reduce the costs of Shared Services.

In the very challenging and complex environment of the retail industry, Colruyt was confronted with a common issue when allocating costs from the supporting services (shared services) to the business units. These  shared services (called Colruyt Group Services) include departments like finance, human resources, legal, information technology... In order to increase the transparency and predictability of cost allocations, Colruyt needed to be able to control and manage the cost of their shared services more effectively and more efficiently.

Delaware introduced its innovative Chargeback methodology and created the necessary cost-transparency. By offering a solution that manages and controls Colruyt’s costs of shared services, a significant cost reduction and win-win was generated in the partnership between the shared service suppliers and the business units.

Introducing Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing at the third largest insurance company in the Netherlands

ASR Netherlands (former Fortis Netherlands) and the entire financial industry, has been allocating costs towards their products in order to determine a price.


However, with the saturated market and a continuously changing market environment it became clear that ASR needed more insights into the profitability of their customer segments and its different channels.

ASR relied on Delaware to implement the advanced cost calculation methodology Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing to calculate their cost-to-serve and create multidimensional reports delivering the most detailed and up-to-date insights on their segments and channels

Being able to link profitability to segments and channels enables ASR to analyze these results, take fact-based decisions and optimize its portfolio and cost management as a continuous process.

Improving management accounting & control strategy with innovative chargeback methodology

Cetrel, a financial services provider in the field of card payments, electronic transfer systems and inter-bank clearing, lacked insights in and ownership of its costs. As a consequence, business units had no incentive to behave cost-consciously and the service centers at Cetrel worked inefficiently.

The introduction of a Chargeback model for management control (including a transfer pricing mechanism) allowed Cetrel’s business units to take responsibility for the services they demanded from the Shared Service Centers. In return the Shared Service Centers now receive insights in their cost-efficiency and capacity utilization (including over/under capacity with their respective costs), allowing Cetrel to reduce its Shared Service Center costs significantly. .

Cetrel was one of the very first companies to implement the Delaware-chargeback model which has given Cetrel a great competitive advantage in strategic cost management.

We haven't finished writing our inspiring cases around Financial Management yet. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

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Tackling the new market challenges with a strategy for the future.

Thomas Cook wanted to transform from a brochure-driven organization towards an integrated e-driven organization. An important aspect with this big change, was the change of the people’s mindset.

To accomplish this challenge, Thomas Cook had to come to a consensus about the strategic direction and align this direction with clear definitions on critical success factors. These success factors are important in order to help prioritizing initiatives.
Delaware Consulting helped Thomas Cook by introducing a corporate strategy map and a corporate balanced scorecard.

Co-creating a motivating strategy to launch a post-merger organization.

Jessa Hospital is the result of the merger of two Belgian hospitals. Delaware facilitated this merger and assisted Jessa with the development of a co-created strategy. Through this co-creation we succeeded in motivating all doctors and nursing personnel by translating the strategy in clear and inspiring operational terms.

Another big step forward was made with the introduction of the Balanced Scorecard to follow-up on the strategic performance. Jessa Hospital now has a continuous strategy management process in place to facilitate a strategy-focused management, driven by a motivated organization.

Managing the product portfolio by aligning the new strategy to the future market trends.

Due to the new trends in the industry of building products Eternit was facing a wide range of potential innovation opportunities in the different segments of the business.

At the same time limited resources forced Eternit to make strategic choices.

Delaware supported Eternit determining the strategic priorities, investment projects and identifying the most optimal investment strategy. This was translated in a new corporate strategy and an optimization of the product portfolio.

Post-merger integration: Kick-starting a newly formed organization after a complex merger

Infrax is the result of the merger of utility providers Interelectra, Iveg and WVEM. As in all complex mergers, this one also had to deal with interdepartmental conflicts, culture clashes, confusion, and internal disruptions.

Delaware stepped in and, together with all departments, we co-created a new corporate strategy to mobilize and motivate the organization for the execution of its new strategy.

Delaware made ‘strategy’ a continuous process within Infrax by Introducing the Office of Strategy Management, structurally embedding the responsibility for planning and strategy execution.

Introducing a new sales and marketing strategy to stay ahead in a challenging market.

To increase its sales of branded alkaline batteries in a mature commodity market, Panasonic wanted to mobilize its sales & marketing people from several local sales offices to contribute to the execution of this corporate strategy.

Using market studies and customer surveys, Delaware assisted Panasonic Europe with the transformation of its sales & marketing team into an effective customer-focused organization. By translating the corporate strategy into a specific sales & marketing strategy, we succeeded in creating a new mindset that was needed to realize the corporate objectives.

Research and Publications

Our Business Insights team has a rich history of publications and groundbreaking research in all aspects of Performance Management and Business Intelligence. When we say that we are the best at what we do, it’s not just our opinion. We are proving it everyday.

Delaware Consulting’s Business Insights experts are at the forefront of new developments as they continue to write management books and teach at major universities, business schools and management schools.


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